Hello world!

Well, goodness knows what I should write here!

I’ve written blog posts, presentations and even newspaper articles before … and the most important things are always to know your audience and to know why you’re writing for them. If you know what you want to write about and why, then the rest should just follow. However, in this case, I’ve no idea who my audience is (or one day, might become) and even less idea why they might be interested in reading whatever I write.

This blog is intended to help me record my journey into the world of Data Science, so I suppose that right now the audience is fundamentally “me” and the reason for starting a blog is to chart where I’ve been and what I’ve learnt. I guess the only thing to do is jump straight in …

I’ve always had an analytical mind and find data incredibly interesting (and indeed beautiful on occasion), but I’ve often found that “data-driven” people can be indecisive – always seeking more validation and infinitely more refined insights – so I’ve typically relied on a strong “gut instinct” to overcome inertia and get the ball-rolling, while then being incredibly open to “course corrections” as new data becomes available.

Having just turned 40, I have this vague notion that I might like to change gears on my career at some point in the next half-decade or so … call it a mid-life crisis, if you will.


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