About Me

My name is Tom Defoe.

I’m currently working as a Programme Director for Thomson Reuters in London, where I’m responsible for leading business transformation programmes. A major part of my role is identifying connections between different teams, processes and technologies, and then working out different ways for them to work together.

I’ve always been interested by the patterns and apparent connections that seem to link people, places, ideas and actions … more than that, I’ve been fascinated by our almost overwhelming need to create links and draw conclusions, even when those linkages fly in the face of all of the available evidence. I’ve recently begun to explore the wonderful world of Data Science, with a particular emphasis on Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. I don’t know where this exploration will take me, but this blog is intended to chart the journey.

I am currently studying part-time for a second degree in Astronomy & Cosmology at the University of Central Lancashire, and previously earned my Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Durham.

In my spare time, I love travelling, dreaming about the future, and enjoying fantastic wine and food with friends … and I’m sure many of my blog postings will draw on some of those other passions.